PostgreSQL and SQL Training. None of our customers has ever scored our courses less than 9 out of 10 points.

More than 30% of the course time are tough practical labs. Learn and apply it next day. Get trained and certified.

Some of our on-site Courses

  • SQL Performance

    • Understand EXPLAIN, plans
    • Indexes
    • 1 day course
    299 €
    per person
  • SQL Specialist

    • From 0 to SQL
    • Don't get stuck on SQL92
    • 3 day course
    599 €
    per person
  • PostgreSQL DBA

    • Certified in PostgreSQL DBA
    • Master PostgreSQL DBA
    • 5 day course
    999 €
    per person
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Todos los cursos están disponibles, además de en inglés, en castellano, y han sido homologados y son bonificables por la Fundación Tripartita.

Why 8Kdata?

  • It's not that we use Postgres. We love Postgres

    Our 10+ years of experience, battle-hardened but friendly team is formed by worldwide PostgreSQL Specialists and Community Members.

  • Flexible Contracts

    Easily absorb change and build greater flexibility into your processes and systems to seize new opportunities and increase competitive advantange.

  • Pragmatism as a service

    We value simplicity and speed. We don’t focus on generating expensive transactions but building solid relations with our customers.

  • Reduce Risk and Total Cost of Ownership

    Reduce the risk of disruption to your business by counting on with a experienced team that will ensure your data availability, security, and scalability.

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